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Announcing FCJ30: Incalculable Experience

The Fibreculture Journal returns, after a brief hiatus, with FCJ30: Incalculable Experience. Incalculable Experience is edited by Lone Bertelsen. Articles by Erin Manning, Maria Hynes, Andrew Goodman, Susan Ballard and Glen Fuller, on minor social life, executive function and fugitivity, design thinking, the anarchic share of listening, violence and objects, the limits of the contemporary…


Announcing FCJ28 : Creative Robotics – Rethinking Human Machine Configurations

We are happy to announce the publication of FCJ28: Creative Robotics — Rethinking Human Machine Configurations. This is our second issue for 2016. Computing the City, edited by Armin Beverungen, Florian Sprenger and Su Ballard, will follow later in 2017.

Announcing FCJ26: Entanglements – Activism and Technology

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Special Issue FCJ26: Entanglements – Activism and Technology edited by Pip Shea, Tanya Notley and Jean Burgess with Fibreculture Journal Editor Su Ballard. There is an extraordinary amount of work here and i’d like to thank everyone involved. This is the largest issue in FCJ…


Announcing FCJ Issue 25: Apps and Affect

We at the Fibreculture Journal are very happy to announce a new issue: Apps and Affect. FCJ25 Apps and Affect edited by Svitlana Matviyenko, Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, Nick Dyer-Witheford, Alison Hearn, and Andrew Murphie. Issue 25 features; FCJ-179 On Governance, Blackboxing, Measure, Body, Affect and Apps: A conversation with Patricia Ticineto Clough and Alexander R. Galloway Svitlana…


Issue 25: Apps and Affect

Introduction [1] In William Gibson’s recent futurist novel The Peripheral, the planet has been devastated by a massive eco-techno-political catastrophe (‘the jackpot’) but remaining inhabitants are still able to enjoy the luxury of activating digital devices simply by tapping their tongues on the roof of their mouths. This touch is sufficient to set into play…


Announcing FCJ24: 2015 Images and Assemblages

We at the Fibreculture Journal are very happy to announce the second of three in a series of issues that developed out of a general call at the end of last year. FCJ24 Images and Assemblages edited by Su Ballard (University of Wollongong) is now live. Issue 24 features contributions from Torsten Andreasen, William Brown,…


New Issue – FCJ-23

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Issue 23 of The Fibreculture Journal edited by Andrew Murphie and including papers from: Ted Mitew: FCJ-168 Do objects dream of an internet of things? Stephen Monteiro: FCJ-169 Mapping Moving-Image Culture: Topographical Interface and YouTube Benjamin Abraham: FCJ-170 Challenging Hate Speech With Facebook Flarf: The Role of User…


New Issue: Issue 22 Trolls and the Negative Space of the Internet

We have a habit (becoming a running quip), in the FCJ management group, of proclaiming that we feel we’ve turned a corner with the launch of each new issue. Speaking personally, I think I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that each issue presents a unexpected series of corners and that the act of…


A Quiet Period and a Vital Future

In 2013 The Fibreculture Journal celebrated its 10th year in operation. It was, for the most part, a year of self-assessment, rebuilding and rejuvenation as we welcomed a new editorial team and dealt with a number of outstanding legal and organisational hurdles – all of which, I am glad to report, we have almost cleared….


Where to Next?

We’re very happy to be publishing FCJ 20, the Network Utopias issue. It’s a fine issue. With a great deal of subtlety and force, it pulls apart the notion of network utopia, while leaving a great deal of room for what it is that networks truly give us. There’s been an enormous amount of work…