Announcing FCJ26: Entanglements – Activism and Technology

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Special Issue FCJ26: Entanglements – Activism and Technology edited by Pip Shea, Tanya Notley and Jean Burgess with Fibreculture Journal Editor Su Ballard.

There is an extraordinary amount of work here and i’d like to thank everyone involved.

This is the largest issue in FCJ history and includes an additional section dedicated to reports from practitioners -‘on the ground’

Issue 26 features:

FCJ-188 Disability’s Digital Frictions: Activism, Technology, and Politics
Katie Ellis, Gerard Goggin and Mike Kent

FCJ-189 Reimagining Work: Entanglements and Frictions around Future of Work Narratives
Laura Forlano and Megan Halpern

FCJ-190 Building a Better Twitter: A Study of the Twitter Alternatives GNU social, Quitter,, and Twister
Robert W. Gehl

FCJ-191 Mirroring the Videos of Anonymous: Cloud Activism, Living Networks, and Political Mimesis
Adam Fish

FCJ-192 Sand in the Information Society Machine: How Digital Technologies Change and Challenge the Paradigms of Civil Disobedience
Theresa Züger, Stefania Milan and Leonie Maria Tanczer

FCJ-193 Harbouring Dissent: Greek Independent and Social Media and the Antifascist Movement
Sky Croeser and Tim Highfield

FCJ-194 From #RaceFail to #Ferguson: The Digital Intimacies of Race-Activist Hashtag Publics
Nathan Rambukanna

FCJ-195 Privacy, Responsibility, and Human Rights Activism
Becky Kazansky

FCJ-196 Let’s First Get Things Done! On Division of Labour and Techno-political Practices of Delegation in Times of Crisis
Miriyam Aouragh, Seda Gürses, Jara Rocha and Femke Snelting

FCJ-197 Entanglements with Media and Technologies in the Occupy MovementMegan Boler and Jennie Phillips

Practitioner Reports:

FCJMESH-005 Technology and Citizen Witnessing: Navigating the Friction Between Dual Desires for Visibility and Obscurity
Sam Gregory

FCJMESH-006 From Information Activism to the Politics of Data
Maya Indira Ganesh and Stephanie Hankey

FCJMESH-007 Our Enduring Confusion About the Power of Digital Tools in ProtestIvan Sigal and Ellery Biddle

FCJMESH-008 Solutions for Online Harassment Don’t Come Easily
Jillian C. York

FCJMESH-009 Ranking Digital Rights: Keeping the Internet Safe for Advocacy
Nathalie Maréchal

FCJMESH-010 : Getting Open Development Right
Zara Rahman

FCJMESH-011 : ‘We don’t work with video, we work with People’: Reflections on Participatory Video Activism in Indonesia
M. Zamzam Fauzanafi