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FCJ-196 Let’s First Get Things Done! On Division of Labour and Techno-political Practices of Delegation in Times of Crisis

Miriyam Aouragh Westminster University Seda G├╝rses New York University Jara Rocha Bau School of Design Femke Snelting Constant Association for Art and Media [Abstract] Introduction This paper emerged from a workshop that formed part of the 2014 Thinking Together Symposium, held at the Osthang Architecture Summer School, Darmstadt, Germany. [1] It draws from conversations between…


FCJ-186 Hack for good: Speculative labour, app development and the burden of austerity

Melissa Gregg Intel Corporation, USA [Abstract] In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. (Reagan, 1981) At a time when the technology sector offers hope for a revitalised economy, particularly in the United States, the working conditions typical in this highly prized industry take on special significance….


Issue 25: Apps and Affect

Introduction [1] In William Gibson’s recent futurist novel The Peripheral, the planet has been devastated by a massive eco-techno-political catastrophe (‘the jackpot’) but remaining inhabitants are still able to enjoy the luxury of activating digital devices simply by tapping their tongues on the roof of their mouths. This touch is sufficient to set into play…