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FCJ-224 Design Thinking, Design Activism, Design Study

Maria Hynes The Australian National University, Australia [Abstract] But we won’t stand corrected. Moreover, incorrect as we are there’s nothing wrong with us. (Harney and Moten, 2013: 20) In their consideration of the contribution of academic labour to what they call the ‘social reproduction of conquest denial’, Stefano Harney and Fred Moten isolate a number…


FCJ-223 Fugitively, Approximately

Erin Manning SenseLab, Concordia University, Canada [Abstract] Two phrases haunt my thinking. The first comes from Fred Moten: all black life is neurodiverse life. It might also have been black life is always neurodiverse life. The second is approximation of proximity. The feeling is that the ambiguity of memory in the first has a connection…