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FCJ-226 ‘And they are like wild beasts’:[1] Violent Things in the Anthropocene

Susan Ballard School of the Arts, English and Media, University of Wollongong [Abstract] Disappearance At the opening of the temporary Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 2010 there was a room curtained off from all the others. Looking behind the curtain I found two chairs, headphones, a silently meditative voice, a highly-reflective dark blue leaning-yet-standing wooden…


FCJ-211 Embodying a Future for the Future: Creative Robotics and Ecosophical Praxis

Keith Armstrong Queensland University of Technology [Abstract] Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss (1995) defined ecosophy as a form of personal, relational and intersubjective philosophy, or a guiding series of principles, which he contrasted with the discipline(s) of ecophilosophy. Ecosophy was subsequently developed by a number of commentators, notably Félix Guattari (1995) who categorised it as a…


FCJ-175 Humans at play in the Anthropocene

Troy Innocent Swinburne University of Technology [Abstract] culture arises in the form of play, that it is played from the very beginning. Even in those activities which aim at the immediate satisfaction of vital needs , €“hunting, for instance, €“tend, in archaic society, to take on the play-form. Social life is endued with supra-biological forms,…