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FCJ-172 Posthumanism, Technogenesis, and Digital Technologies: A Conversation with N. Katherine Hayles

Holger Pötzsch UiT Tromsø N. Katherine Hayles Duke University [Abstract] Holger Pötzsch: Katherine Hayles, your idea of posthumanism is inspired by cybernetics and by a new attentiveness to the body and materiality? N. Katherine Hayles: Posthumanism as I define it in my book How We Became Posthuman (1999) was in part about the deconstruction of…


FCJ-153 Multimedia Mixing and Real-time Collaboration: Interview with Sher Doruff about the development and use of KeyWorx, the Translocal and Polyrhythmic Diagrams

Sher Doruff Amsterdam School for the Arts. Andrew Murphie University of New South Wales.   Video: Interfacing/Radiotopia/KeyWorx (DEAF03)   Andrew Murphie: I am interested in your background, in how you see your own movement through the use of media. Something I find really interesting is your work with the translocal and the collaborative. I’m also…


FCJ-152 Entertaining the environment: a conversation

Andrew Goodman. Monash University, Melbourne. Erin Manning. Concordia University, Montréal. Andrew: Erin, before we discuss the implications of ‘Entertaining the environment’ [1] with an artwork or event, I thought we could perhaps start with a brief outline of how you arrived at the concept? Erin: I think the concept has been lurking in the sidelines…