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Unnatural Ecologies Issue

The Fibreculture Journal‘s Unnatural Ecologies issue, guest edited by Michael Goddard and Jussi Parikka, is now online. Media ecology has always resonated with discussions of digital and networked media. Perhaps this is because the discipline of media ecology has always been so open to transdisciplinary work. The pioneers of media ecology set off very early…


Some Happy Changes

It is with great happiness that we launch the new site for the Fibreculture Journal. Many thanks to Mat Wall-Smith, our Journal Manager, for setting up this far more flexible platform. It’s been an enormous amount of work, but it’s been worth it. With this platform, we hope to foster a more complex and rewarding…


Issue 01 – The Politics of Networks

There are many who say that publishing today – especially the publishing of new ideas – is in trouble. In many ways, this is hard to argue with, especially as regards commercial academic publishing. At the same time it is, in fact, a very exciting time for publishing. Just as a revolution in music publishing…